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    edition of 50 

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a tribute to:

the electric guitar
24th st and harrison 2003-2013
the midwest in the mid-90s
musical obsessions, age 13
musical obsessions, age 20
20th century counterculture
beatniks, girl groups, punks, psych rockers, shoegazers, + freaks
people who are portals to the unknown
people who turn other people on to the weird things in life
rent control (the positives + negatives)
the ennui from overhearing the word "gentrification" uttered daily
being a self-recognized first-wave gentrifier
those that sacrificed everything + still failed
dropping out
getting real
sleeping in
standing still
feeling trapped
growing up
moving out
everyone who stayed + misses their friends
everyone who left + can never go home


released November 11, 2014

all songs written by j. kick early 2013
recorded in march 2013 and september 2014
by j. kick in various locations
drums recorded @ studio paradiso
edited/mixed/mastered october 2014 by j. kick
@ streetdog in west oakland

j. kick-vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums,
percussion, pedals, pro tools, tape machines, a.d.d.
james murphy-drums (on all but 2, 6, & 10), meditation
chris niles-bass on 3, 7, 8, 10, psychotherapy

guest guitars:

“nite fite”
dave nichols-rocket-ship phaser + skateboard solo
ryan mcgee-mangled fuzz + lo heavy chords
a.j. mckinley-freaky tweaker shrieks

“i might sleep”
ryan mcgee-12 string electric, heaven chords, stereolab wah-wah
a.j. mckinley-final "siamese dream" solo
josh permenter- some end guitars that no longer sound like guitars

“life on the other side”
josh permenter-outro la tengo

“in jets”
dave nichols-wood guitar
a.j. mckinley-warm jets, chipmunks
josh permenter-staccato outro riff

paul korte heard me call his name + split my mind open.
jasper leach-wah wah brain squeeze
josh permenter--skronking all day long
ryan mcgee-turned on all his pedals and fed back on his amp.
a.j. mckinley-magic horrible sounds

“stay awhile”
a.j. mckinley-coked out 70s wanks
josh permenter-drunk blurts
dave nichols-lsd dreams
ryan mcgee-new age stoner e-bow

“get lost here”
dave nichols-wood guitar
a.j. mckinley-nashville in the new the world

special thanks to:

Caitlin Palmer, James Murphy, Chris Niles, Dave Nichols, AJ McKinley, Josh Permenter, Ryan McGee, Jasper Leach, Mike Stasis, Jon Bernson, Nacera Mekki, Chris Campbell, Aaron Weiss, Josh Rampage, Sean Mabry, Joe Genden



all rights reserved


J. Kick San Francisco, California

2014 Debut

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Track Name: Gone Songs
Back into your town:
no one you know is around anymore.
All you've ever had is just broken in a bag.
Gone songs.
Gone songs.
Stay in bed til noon.
Inspiration might strike soon.
All your solid plans are just dripping through your hands.
Gone songs
Gone songs.
You can't take another step out of your room because
meditations on yr life have begun.
Spend another night deciding how to work it out
or it's time to say that everything is done.
Burnt out on the scene, how long can you act 16?
All you've ever known is now better left alone.
Gone songs, gone songs.
Why did everything go so wrong?
All the things you love don't even turn you on.
You had a life that you loved for so long.
You had a life that you loved & now it's gone.
Track Name: Retro City
You need a new face to shed an old skin.
So you just change your name: now you're the new kid.
So here's a new song. It's just an old song.
But there's no paying for playing. Don't quit your day job.
Get on a soapbox and talk my ear off
until my brain starts caving like an atom bomb.
You can keep changing until it takes off,
until you're 40 & boring and blow yr head off.

Retro City:
you want it all.
Eat shit baby,
you're 10 feet tall.
You're still swinging.
Get in the car.
Retro City:
We drove too far.

It's just a retro city.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.

Now you're the new king
of the inner cool scene.
& now you're making the radio station dream cream.
It's looking alright, but did they tell you
you're remaking the records that they sell you?
Now the city's full of shitty people
who want to cash in the magic that you managed to pull.
So what's the next move for Mr. Rock Moves?
Can you sustain it the way you never planned to?

Retro City:
It's in the bag.
Keep on baby,
it's all we have.
Rock me sweetie,
& take the cash.
Fuck this city,
this place is trashed.

It's just a retro city.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Retro City.
Track Name: Nite Fite
We can fite all nite long.
You'll be the right one.
You never had the drugs I had.
Maybe you should try some.

I don't want to talk so much
when every word I say goes wrong.
Every time you have your doubts,
I just seem to freak them out.
You think that I'm a teenager.
I always was a bad son.
There's a lot of men out there.
Maybe you should grab one.
You know how to put me down.
But I can pull the whole knife out.
You can drown me in my tears
but I can save them up for years.

Now it's a nite that never ends.
It really is a bad one.
It's so hard cuz we're best friends.
We were supposed to have fun.

I don't want to say you're wrong
but every word you say burns on.
We're stuck inside this rut.
I can't see past tiny stuff.

((It's gonna be the longest nite + we're not gonna sleep tonite. We're gonna have the longest fite))
Track Name: I Might Sleep
I'm not going out tonite.
I've had enough of everybody's fun.
Can't turn the computer on,
it's blinking like a ton of tiny suns.
I pray to God the phone won't ring.
I say to God, the one that I can't hear:
"I could do something good
but I might sleep here for a million years."

I might sleep here for the nite.
I might sleep here for a for a year.
I might sleep here for a million years.

When I think of all I've done,
I kept my eyes shut thru the scary parts.
Did I forget or just begin
to understand that all my friends have hearts?

Everything we used to do was true.
Everyone we loved was very real.
Now I'm just afraid to go outside.
Terrified of love that I can't feel.
I might sleep here for the nite.
It won't fix things. That's alright.
I might sleep here for a million years.

Did I dream of this life?
Did I die seven times?
Can I talk myself down
& just walk around town?

Track Name: Life on the Other Side
There must be life
on the other side
where a boy can think
& a girl can write,
where the rents are low
& the streets are slow.
Still I understand it if you can't let go.

We've just been dreaming around on our feet
to think that any of these streets were gold,
although we felt so rich sometimes.

We don't need these homes
while our house is trust.
We can see these hills
from another bus.
When I get so strapped
& you're feeling trapped,
no matter what our plans are,
we can work things out.

We just can't sense
the future tense
when we can make it out of here alive
with all our hope and dreams so safe inside.

While we're reading books
in a dirty park,
and a man walks by
in an ice cream cart,
it might feel like home
but I'm still alone.
Every night I wake up & you seem so far.

While we're still on earth,
we can work things out.
Gonna love you now
till the sun burns out.
When we're both not here,
we'll be atmosphere,
but I wanna live with you (While we're still alive).

I wanna live with you
while we're still alive. I
wanna live with you.
We need to live.
Track Name: Ice Cream
Take a walk around your world.
You invented it.
Look at that huge line:
all those people waiting for their ice cream.
There's a bookstore every block:
they're not businesses.
It's all for the eyes.
Just a background for another sightseer.
All your friends are moving out.
You're just standing still.
You don't pay full price.
You can always hide away like I did.
All these people wasting time:
"Can I go with you?"
If you don't think twice,
it's a playground filled with lots of nice things.
Take a look around the crowd, yeah you're in it.
It's really not a crime:
all you wanted was delicious ice cream.
Track Name: In Jets
I moved here seven years ago.
Back then, I got what I paid for.
I'd meet artists everyday.
That's just the city I came for.

Then for years, I closed my eyes.
It must have been just a little too long.

One day I walked out my door.
Everything I knew was gone.

Here they come in jets.
They're taking over this whole town.
Million dollar men, 
I guess you'll always beat me down.

It's weird to find another home
when I just found one that fits me.
I fear I'm going to be alone
in a convent where no one will miss me.
They'd love us all to stick around.
They need some nice things to look at,
but they just ran us in the ground
cuz they need space to stretch out their blueprints.

Face the facts we can't ignore:
we're not wanted here anymore.
Things aren't like they were before.
This whole town’s been painted over.

Here they come in jets.
They’re buying everything we made with our own hands.
Now our hiding place is just a clubhouse for their plans.
They're shaking hands.

We know the cash is coming.
Will it turn Your Friends into The Man?
They'll get rich quick & won't mind
taking all the land on which you stand.
Track Name: Reasons
They're coming in jets & you can't drive.
They're coming in jets
& there's no further west to run to w/o sinking deep into the ocean.
They're walking their dogs while we walk around high.
They're looking at me like I'm some creepy old guy in a dirty black shirt.

They're coming in jets & you can't drive.
They're coming in jets & you can't drive.
They're coming in jets & you can't drive.
They're coming in jets & you can't drive.

No more sulking like some creep.
Now it's time we flip this scene.
Now it's time that we get mean.
Now it's time that we get deep.
No more staring at their screens.
They're still sucking on our dreams.
Don't you want to disregard it all, & have a perfect picnic in the fall?
It's not yr fault that you have taste & made this place the greatest place. It's not yr fault that you have fun & made this playground #1.
Time to squeeze those limes inside yr mind + suck them dry til you can’t feel yrself dissolve a thousand times, hungry for another
the whole modern world is just passing me by
the digital world is just whizzing right by
Track Name: Stay Awhile
Maybe you can imagine when you'll remove yrself from this foggy little island.
Stay awhile. Stay awhile. You can stay awhile.
You're livin' on lack of oxygen. You can't deny the clock that steals yr patience.
Stay awhile. Stay awhile, you should stay awhile.
As a matter fact, you can just relax.You cannot regress into faking a vacation.
Just put yr paws up upon a pal who pleases you & pulls you to the future.
You must confess you were happier with nothing left and nothing left to hurt you.
Stay awhile. Stay awhile. You can stay awhile.
Take a fite or flite to another nite where the people stay & they never wanna stop you.
Stay awhile. Stay awhile. You know that you can stay awhile.
You know they're all Smoke and Mirrormen doing heroin on the backs of the attractive.
You could not pass for one of them if your life depends on the passionately fashioned.
Track Name: Get Lost Here
How can you go home after all the friends you broke? You listened to yr fears & you got lost here.
When you walked out the door, did you see a stranger there you've always managed to ignore?
If you want to spend all of your money when you get all stressed out & weird you can get lost here.
When you walked out yr door did you meet a millionaire & now you want to make some dough?
What do you have to show for 7 years of noise? Are you all stressed out & weird? Did you get lost here?
When you talk while you're bored do you believe the things you're saying, or have you turned into a stone?
If you want to know what all the clever people don't, then just pull up a chair & get lost here.
Track Name: Retreat
We gotta get out of here now. We gotta get out of here now. We gotta get out of here now. We gotta get out of here now.

I just got out of my chair
& somebody's already there.
We gotta get out of here now.
We gotta get out of here now.

I told you six times, maybe more.
We both gotta walk thru that door.
We gotta get out of here now.
We gotta get out of here now.

It's hard to stand out in the crowd.
It's hard to stand up & be proud.
We gotta get out of here now.
We gotta get out of here now.

I just want a place to sleep, real deep.
Once I had a race to keep, but I got beat.

Everybody beat us to the punch!
Everybody's having us for lunch!
and it's no fun.

We gotta get out of here now.
We gotta get out of here now.
Places have all got so steep,
that we can't keep.
Let's go on a nice retreat, or we're dead meat.